Nine and Moriarty dressed as John Lennon and Paul McCartney, everybody go home.


Lennon Naked (2010)

this needs to happen


all of these people obsessed with someone else’s weight, constantly questioning what you eat, how much you eat. commenting on every calorie or gram of sugar acting as if they do it all because they care, but notice how they rarely ever ask you how you’re doing mentally. no, they’d rather focus on what size pants you’re wearing than whether or not you want to live today.

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Fargo is on tonight!!!


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imagine an au where sherlock flies to america to solve a case and meets lester nygaard while he’s there, deducing that he murdered his wife but by that time he has already fallen hopelessly in love with him

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What if you’re right… and they’re wrong?

Don’t harm yourself tonight

Don’t commit suicide tonight

You are beautiful from the inside and out. You have the strength to get through tonight. I know you can do this. Remember that I love you and I care. 

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I promise to never unfollow you for posting excessive selfies. Selfie on, you beautiful self-confident tumblr users.

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Q: You're beautiful, keep your chin up, and don't forget to smile. Everyone has bad days. Stay lovely :)

You have no idea how great this made me feel, thank you so much anon, I hope you have a great day :D xx.

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